Meal Prep Sunday 1/3/21

Meal Prep Sunday 1/3/21

Meal Prep Sunday is back!!

I apologize for the hiatus.  My pregnancy this time around was not as kind to me and I spent most of it sick and unable to eat much.  I'm now a mommy to my second beautiful baby boy!  I hit the 6 week post partum mark this week and got the official green light from my doctor to resume my normal workouts.  YAY!

I have about 10lbs of baby weight I would like to get off, but my main focus is body composition.  I need to lose some baby fat but gain muscle back at the same time.  It's a tricky combination, but my nutrition is going to be the key to help make that happen.

I'm not working right now, so I don't have to prep much ahead of time.  I went ahead and made a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner to save some stress of newborn unpredictability.  The entire meal plan and grocery list can be downloaded below.

I'm still using my favorite meal planning app, Plan to Eat . Check it out for an easy way to plan your meals and get on track for the new year!



Meal Plan 1.3.21

Grocery List 1.3.21

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