5 Simple Sandwich Recipes

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So when I say the words "meal prep" the knee jerk response I often get is "I don't cook".  Whether you can't cook or just don't have the desire to do it, that doesn't mean you can't meal plan!  If you're a brown bag lunch kind of person with your sandwich and apple every day, that's OK!  Not every recipe has to be fancy or require any cooking at all...

I put together a recipe book with 5 simple sandwich recipes you can prep for lunch in under 15 minutes.  You can't use time or cooking experience as an excuse for this one!  You can brown bag it and still eat healthy. If you're bored of the usual ham and cheese, try out a few of these "grown up" sandwiches in your lunch next week. Your kids are going to be jealous!

5 Simple Sandwiches Recipe Book

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