Heart Check Food List


The American Heart Association developed a way to easily identify heart healthy foods in the grocery store with their Heart-Check Certification program.  All foods marked with this symbol have met a level of nutrition criteria that certify it's claims to benefit cardiovascular health.  You can find the full list of criteria here.  Among these include:

  • Low Saturated Fat (< 1g)
  • Total Fat less than 6.5 grams
  • Cholesterol under 20mg
  • No :heavy syrup
  • 100% Fruit/Juice (no added sugars)

The program was designed to help consumers make healthier decisions about the foods they purchase.  Adding more of these foods to your grocery list will help you build a solid foundation for healthier meals.

The American Heart Association publishes a full list of Heart Check Certified foods twice a month.  You can download the most up to date list at the end of this post.

Next time you go shopping, keep a look out for these HeartCheck items and try to add a few extra to your cart!

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