Home Gym Series – Band Workout

Now that you know how easy it is to get a workout in with just a pair of paper plates, let's move on to those bands!

Bands are an effective way to add resistance to your routines when weights aren't an option.  I often find these exercises more challenging because they force you to target smaller muscle groups you aren't typically used to working.  You have to focus on engaging your core for stabilization and controlling the eccentric movement as the muscle lengthens back to start.

Here's a 30 minute full body resistance workout using your bands.  Don't let these little pieces of rubber fool you!  Grab and towel and get ready to wipe some sweat.

Complete each group of exercises for 2-3 rounds before moving on to the next.  Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds.

Group 1

Side to Side Squat Walks

Quad Ped Hamstring Curl

Glute Bridge Clams

Group 2

Lat Pulls

Squat Row

Plank Walks

Group 3

Fire Hydrants

Plank Jacks

Standing Abductor Raise


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