Home Gym Series – Chair Workout

Back to the basement this week, continuing on with the home gym series.  Time to grab your dining room chair and get a little use out of it!

Here's a full body circuit you can do with just a chair, sofa, bench, box, step - whatever you can get your hands on.  Take 30 minutes out and give this one a try.

Complete each exercise back to back with as little rest in between as possible.  At the end of the circuit, rest for 60 seconds then repeat for 3 rounds.  If you have weights - add them in for an extra challenge!

Single Leg Pistol Squat - 10x/side

Alternating Step Ups - 10x/side

Split Squats - 10x/side

Triceps Dips x12-15

Decline Push Up x12-15

Elevated Side Lunge - 10x/side

Glute Bridge x12-15

Incline Push Up x12-15

Decline Mountain Climbers - 10x/side

There you have it - another workout in the books!   Just because you can't get to a gym, doesn't mean you have to throw in the towel.  You really can get a great workout in at home with very little (or no) equipment needed.

Next week, I'll throw in the dumbbells and pull it all together to complete the home gym series.

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