Home Gym Series – Dumbbells


Time to grab those weights! Last but definitely not least in the home gym series are those dumbbells.  Don't be afraid to add some weight to your workout routines.  Building more muscle allows your body to burn through calories all day long.

I can come up with a TON of workouts you can do at home with just a few sets of dumbbells.  I'll stick with a full body routine first, and dive into more targeted workouts in upcoming posts.

This workout combines push and pull exercises along with compound movements to get the most out of a 30 minute full body routine.

There are 4 supersets in this workout to hit all the main muscle groups.  Complete the two exercises back to back with little rest in between x 3 rounds. Rest 30 seconds between rounds.  Complete each group of exercises before moving on to the next set.

Superset 1:

Dumbbell Front Squat

x10-12 reps

Dumbbell Single Arm Clean and Press

x8-10 reps/side

Superset 2:

DB Single Leg Deadlift

x10-12 reps/side

Renegade Push Up Row

x8-10 reps/side

Superset 3:

Dumbbell Bench Press

x10-12 reps

Glute Bridge Dumbbell Pullovers

x10-12 reps

Superset 4:

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

x10-12 reps/side

Dumbbell Front Lunge Curls

x8-10 reps/side


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