Home Gym Series – Slider Workout

So last week I showed you how easy it was to put together your own home gym.  Now, I’m going to show you how to put that gym to work!

This week, we’re going to focus on your sliders (or in my gym a fancy name for paper plates).  Here’s a full body interval workout you can do in under 30 minutes.

Complete each exercise in succession with no rest in between. Rest for 60 seconds, then repeat for 2-3 rounds.

Always complete 5 minute warm up prior to starting your workout. Push yourself to complete as many reps as possible in the time given.

Slider Lunge
30 sec (15 sec/side)
High Knee Run
1 min
Slider Push Up
30 sec
Butt Kick
1 min
Slider Single Leg Hamstring Curl
30 sec
Jumping Rope
1 min
Slider Walk Out
30 sec
Jumping Jack
1 min
Slider Side Lunge
30 sec
High Knee Run
1 min
Rest for 1 min
  1. Slider Lunges - Keep your core engaged and body straight.  Slide one leg back until it almost hits the ground in a 90 degree angle.  Return to start.  Repeat for 15 seconds, then switch to other side.

2. Slider Push Up - Get into push up position with sliders under your hands.  Engage core and glutes.  Slide one arm out to the side into a push up, return to start.  Switch and do other side.  Repeat for 30 seconds.

3. Slider Single Leg Hamstring Curl - Place sliders under heels and bridge up engaging core and glutes.  Extend one leg out straight keeping glutes engaged, then return to starting position.  Repeat on other side.  Continue for 30 seconds.

4. Slider Walk Out - Put sliders under toes and get into push up position. Keep core engaged and back straight. Walk hands out for 2 steps then back.  Repeat for 30 seconds

5. Slider Side Lunge - Place slider under one foot.  Engage core and slide out to the side with hips back and knee bent to 90 degrees.  Pull back to starting position and repeat.  Complete 15 seconds on each side.

Who knew you can get a total body workout in under 30 minutes with something as simple as a pair of paper plates?!  That's only a small sample of what you can do with them.

Tune in next week when I show you some moves with those bands!

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