Meal Planning Apps that Keep Me Sane

I'm taking a break from meal prep this week since we'll be traveling for the 4th.  Instead, I decided to share some of my favorite meal planning apps to give you a head start on getting back to business after the holiday!

I use these 4 apps on a daily basis to plan, prep, and track my meals.  Most of these are FREE and some have upgraded versions that may be worth a look!  Time is money people and I'm all about saving both...  Click on the titles to check them out.

Eat This Much

This is a great meal planning app for those who are short on time or don’t want to plan their own meals and recipes.  Once you create your user profile, the app will generate suggested daily meal plans to meet your macro and calorie goals.  You can substitute and add your own food if necessary and even search your favorite meals at restaurants nearby (it’ll suggest meals for you!). 

The basic version is free, but I feel there are additional features in the upgraded plan that make the investment worth it.  Play round with the free version first to see if you like it.  If you need more, it’s only $3.99/month for the premium plan right now if you sign up for a year.  This app can be used by beginners and pros alike! So many cool features at an affordable yearly price. If you’re going to pay for any meal planning app, I would say this is the ringer.


Auto meal plan feature with macro calculation built in, restaurant search, free and upgraded versions available for your level of use


Need to upgrade for a lot of features (grocery list, weekly planning, macro cycling, leftover calculations, recipe upload, printable meal plans, etc.)

Need to take time to view tutorials before you get started


Probably the most well known and developed food tracking app out there.  MyFitnessPal links to all your fun devices and apps such as FitBit and MapMyRun among many others.  You can track your food and exercise, download recipes, save meals, and share with friends.  I think this is the overall most functional fitness app out there, which also has the option to upgrade for even more advanced features (file export, individual meal goals, food analysis, etc). 

The free version is more than enough for the daily user. I use MyFitnessPal in conjunction with PlantoEat to plan and track my meals every day.


Copy/save meals, track macros, friend share, links to other apps, tracks exercise and weight


Recipe upload feature needs improvement - need to make a lot of adjustments to ensure accuracy

Plan To Eat

A meal planning app that allows you to collect your own recipes and transform them into custom meal plans that fit your schedule. (I use this every week for my blog!) I love this app for ease of customization and it's drag and drop meal plan calendar.  You can download and print meal plans, adjust serving sizes, and generate a grocery list to print and go.  You can even add your own recipes and share plans with friends who use the app too.

Plan To Eat gives a FREE 30 day trial, then it’s a reasonable $4.95/month or $39/year. Keep on the lookout for promos!


Ease of use with drag and drop meal planner, quick add button for browser and phone, grocery list and calendar downloading ability


Paid subscription is the only option after free trial, can be time consuming loading all your recipes when first starting out


This app is great for finding recipes personalized to your likes and diet restrictions.  Just set up your profile and the app will show recommended recipes that match your needs.  You can also search by category, meal, or cooking preference if you're looking for something specific.  Mark the recipes you like and it'll save them in your recipe box. The recipes can be exported to other apps like PlantoEat and MyFitnessPal for ease of tracking.  You can choose recipes for the week to add to your grocery list, which gives the option to link to Instacart for the convenience of home delivery!

The best part about it is that it’s totally FREE.  *Mind Blown*


Meal preferences within search feature, shopping list export (w/Instacart option), very accurate recipe download feature linking to other apps


No meal planning calendar, can only email grocery list, lots of advertising


I encourage you to at least check out the free versions of these apps if you haven't already.  There is so much technology out there that makes eating healthy and meal planning so much easier than you think. (No more notebooks and spreadsheets... haha)

Put the time in when you can and you'll see how much your effort pays off!


Eat Clean. Train Hard. Live Life!


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