Meal Prep Sunday 1/12/20


Meal Prep Sunday this week is the second menu from my Commit to Fit Challenge.  I don't like surprises when it comes to meal plans, so this is the exact one I include in the program.

This plan is perfect for anyone new to meal planning since it requires very little cooking in the prep work.  The breakfasts are healthy grab and go options for running out the door in the morning.  Lunches are a combination of dinner leftovers and a simple sandwich you can throw together on Sunday or even the night before.  The dinners are a couple slow cooker meals you can set and forget about and simple 30 minute dinners that don't take much effort to put together when you get home.  I added snacks of hard boiled eggs, bananas, and cut up veggies to my plan this week.

The plan has a 30/40/30 macro ratio (protein/carbs/fat) and is around 1700 calories/day with the snacks.  You will be able to adjust your servings and snacks accordingly to hit your personal calorie goals for the week.  Remember, daily calorie counts aren't as important as the weekly total so it doesn't have to be exact!  I always leave Friday night through Sunday open for you to live your life and eat what you please.  Just make sure you don't overindulge and are mindful of your choices.  The E-book includes a list of healthy snacks and fast food menus of healthier options.

Meal Prep Sunday 1_12_20

I am now accepting sign-ups for my 2020 Commit to Fit Challenge group.  A limited number of people will get FREE access to this new E-Book.  Visit my Challenge page for more details and to get signed up!  Challenge will close on 2/1/20.

Have a great week!  Hope you decide to commit to yourself this year and join me in the challenge!


<3 Nicole

Eat Clean. Train Hard. Live Life!

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