Meal Prep Sunday 1/19/20


Happy Sunday, it's meal prep time!!Β  I'm giving you another freebie this week.Β  You can download this entire meal plan to add to your rotation.Β  If you're joining my Commit to Fit Challenge group, consider this an added bonus to the 2 weeks I already gave you! πŸ˜‰

This plan is based on a 30/40/30 macro ratio ideal for training.Β  It averages around 1700 cals/day.Β  The breakfasts and dinners are rationed for 2 people and the lunches for 1 person.

There's not a whole lot of cooking going into prep again - just 1 breakfast and 1 lunch today.Β  I love the slow cooker this time of year, so the dinners are a combo of "set it and forget it" and easy meals under 30 minutes.

Prep Tips:

  1. Start with the Berry Baked Oatmeal and put that in the oven to start baking
  2. While that bakes, move on to prepping the Spaghetti w/chicken & spinach lunch - I actually put the chicken and tomatoes in to bake with the oatmeal and they all ended up being done around the same time
    • You can even use frozen grilled chicken strips here for an even faster prep!
  3. Make your hard boiled eggs and cook your pasta on the stove while everything cooks in the oven
  4. Put together your Turkey Wrap bento boxes while the hot meals are cooling off
  5. Separate everything into your prep containers along with your veggies and snacks to make them easy to grab and go
  6. DUNZO in well under 2 hours (only took me about an hour and a half with clean up)

I hope you take advantage of my FREE Commit to Fit Challenge open now through the end of January.Β  It's a workout program built to fit YOUR schedule and goals.Β  You'll get full access to the entire program with workouts, a 2 week meal plan, and my Basics to Meal Prep guide.Β  That's over $200 value for FREE.Β  All I'm asking for is a 4 week commitment and you to share your amazing results.Β  Get signed up here.

Meal Plan Download

Hope you have a great week!!


<3 Nicole

Eat Clean. Train Hard. Live Life!

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