Meal Prep Sunday 6/23/19

Summer is officially here!  After what seemed like weeks of rain, we finally had a beautiful weekend here in PA.  My kid even slept in his own bed all night, which may or may not have involved Benadryl...  Either way it's a win!

I got up early today to get my Sunday meal prep in so I could spend some QT with the fam at the water park all day.  (AKA let my husband take my son on rides while I soaked in some sun...)

I have more long days at work this week, so dinners won't be as exciting.  I'm not going to start a new home delivery service until after the 4th since we have a lot going on.


Philly Cheese Steak Omelettes

Protein Waffles (frozen from a previous prep week)


Keto Chicken Salad on cloud bread (my go to recipe)

Shrimp and veggie bowl w/cauliflower rice (I modified recipe)

Leftover dinners


Taco Casserole

Turkey Guacamole Burgers (my recipe)

HelloFresh Meal


Hope you all have a great week!  Follow me on Instagram (@rxchic17) for more tips and workout suggestions.

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