Meal Prep Sunday 8/18/19


Happy Sunday!  Hope everyone is enjoying these last beautiful weekends of summer.

Because it's been so hot, I decided to do a quick and easy "no cook" breakfast and lunch meal prep this week.  I modified a few past recipes to prove that you don't need to be able to cook at all in order to do a healthy meal prep!

School is going to be back in session, so a grab and go breakfast like a yogurt and berry parfait or overnight oats is perfect for getting a busy mom out the door.  Whip them up the night before and it saves you the need to add that extra doughnut to the morning coffee order.

You can also skip the takeout with your coworkers by making a healthy wrap or quick salad for lunch instead.  Just head to the deli and order up a few pounds of lunch meat (or save the headache and just grab the prepackaged kind like I do) and a pre-made rotisserie chicken.  Make a batch of wraps and salads on Sunday and with the proper meal prep containers, they'll last all week!

I am throwing the Home Chef meals back in this week so my husband and I can tag team on dinner.  If you're new to cooking, I do think meal delivery services are a great place to start.  I mean, if my husband can cook a three course meal using their recipes, I'm more than confident you can too!! 😉

Here's a link for a promo for Home Chef if you're interested.

Meal prep this week took me under 1 hour and is perfect for anyone just diving in to meal planning or if you're simply just short on time.  A lot of these recipes are included in my Basics to Meal Prep Guide!


Yogurt Berry & Walnut Parfaits

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats


Turkey Ham and Cheese Lettuce Wraps

Chicken Taco Salad Bowls


Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole (one of my husband's staples)

Home Chef meals


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