Prenatal Fitness Plan $$$

Being a “mommy” to a beautiful (and often ornery) little boy of my own, I know pregnancy can bring on a mixture of emotions.  The physical and mental changes your body is going through can leave you scared and confused all the while being anxious and excited about what's to come. 

Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to create easier labors, healthier babies, and happier moms.  You can and should try to stay active throughout your entire pregnancy. 

As a certified OhBaby Fitness! Instructor, I can keep you moving through all stages of your pregnancy and help prepare your body for labor.  (ACOG guideline approved.) 

Whether you’re getting ready to bring a tiny human into this world or preparing to get that pre-baby body back, I’m here to show you the way!


*Requires signed release from your OB/GYN


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