Top 5 Meal Planning Blogs

If you’re bored with your current meal rotation and looking for new recipes, here are my 5 go-to meal planning blogs.  They are full of recipes, meal plans, tips and other resources to keep you on track in the kitchen. Check them out!


1. Skinnytaste

    • This is my #1 favorite blog.  I actually have all of her cookbooks as well!  No matter what your diet preference, there’s something here for you.  You can search recipes by diet, course, ingredients, season, cook time, and even kid friendly.  She is a fan of Weight Watchers, so you’ll get Smart Points for every recipe to save you the hassle.  She recently started posting full weekly meal plans with calendar, recipes and grocery list FREE for download.  Add Skinnytaste to your favorites!

2. Confessions of a Fit Foodie

    • This one is for the Beachbody(r) lovers out there.  I found Confessions of a Fit Foodie back when I was doing 21 Day Fix Extreme.  She shares a ton of recipes and meal plans that fit the 21DF container and WW points guide.  You can download the recipes and grocery lists for free. If you’re just looking for new recipes to try out, you can search her index by category for ideas.

3. Meal Prep on Fleek (MPOF)

    • A blog for my dedicated meal prep fitness fam!  If you’re a little more serious about macro tracking, MPOF offers some great tools.  There is free access to 100s of recipes and videos, but you can upgrade for access to full monthly meal plans for under $10/month.  They offer an excellent macro calculator to determine your ratios, then you can search their recipes based on your results to make your own plans.  They even offer meal prep courses to get you well on your way to tracking macros for optimal results.

4. The Family Freezer

    • I used this blog almost exclusively to prep for the post baby time when cooking was going to be the last thing on my mind.  These healthy freezer friendly meals can be prepped in bulk, stored in the freezer, and used for easy crockpot or oven ready meals.  I pretty much stocked my freezer for my entire maternity leave so I could stay on track with my nutrition while being sleep deprived with a newborn.  This would also be great for the busy Mama’s out there during the school year. The meal plans used to be free on their old blog, but now you can get an entire season’s worth of meal plans in their new E-Books for around $25.  Worth it to save yourself the effort?! This Mama says DEFINITELY!

5. Slender Kitchen

    • This blog is two fold - you can use it for free just to access new recipes, or you can subscribe and get full meal plans delivered to you every week!  Pick your family size and food preference and they’ll create a weekly meal plan that fits your needs. Don’t like what they picked? Their interactive meal planning tool allows you to adjust your meal plan using their recipe database.  You can even create your own meal plan from scratch or add other items to your grocery list if you so choose. All recipes are tracked with Weight Watchers Smart Points and you can search the recipe database by ingredient, course, and diet preference. You can have access to the entire meal planning service for as little as $4/month!!  Excellent resource for those who want more control over your planning.

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