Top Gifts for the Active Toddler

It's that time of year when cabin fever strikes...  Anyone with an active toddler knows that the winter struggle is real!  My 2&1/2 year old son never stops, so trying to find something to occupy him that doesn't have the potential of breaking half my house is always a challenge.

Here's a list for all my Amazon Mama's struggling for ideas for your crazy toddler.  Add a few (or all) of these to your Santa list:

  1. Bilibo

    • I've seen this advertised all over the place with some seriously high ratings.  It looks simple to the adult eye, but apparently is quite an attraction to the tiny humans.  You can use it as a chair, a toy, a stepping stone, indoor or outdoor, you name it.  I'm sure my child will use it as a helmet, but hey? Let their imagination go wild!

2. Indoor Hover Game

  • This is something I wish I had as a kid! (It would have saved a lot of dents and scratches in my parents walls.)  This hover soccer game comes with goals and a hover ball they can kick all over the house.  Looking for something you can play too?  I'm all in!!



3. My First Pogo

  • Well these sure have come a long way... Let them jump their little hearts out on their own foam pogo stick.  Helps with balance and coordination and possibly even napping!! My nephew is going to love me for this one 😉

4. Little Tykes Trampoline

  • Speaking of jumping, this is as close to a real trampoline as my child's going to get.  It has a nice high handle for stability and a size that makes storage a lot easier.  Let him bounce til he drops!

5. Fisher Price Think n Learn Smart Cycle

  • This one is for the tech lovers out there.  Your kid can drive, game, and race - the pedals and steering wheel guide the fun.  It connects to a tablet or TV so they can learn, have fun, and burn some energy.  There's a free app download for the learning and racing games.

6. Indoor Monkey Bars

  • For the more adventurous type, the Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars brings outside fun indoors for the winter.  It's durable but lightweight which makes moving it around a lot easier.  Set this gym up in your play room then you can move it outside in the Spring.  I'd advise keeping this one on the softer flooring!

7. Redmon Fitness Equipment for Kids

  • Redmon makes a lot of play fitness equipment for kids.  I saw these around my gym and had to seek them out.  They have a whole line of play exercise equipment - dumbbells, benches, barbells, etc.  Start healthy habits young and let them join in your fun!

8. Gym1 Indoor Playground

  • If you're looking to splurge a little, I have faith this indoor playground will be a hit for years.  It's made for 3 years and older but holds up to 300lbs.  All you need is a standard doorway - no drilling or holes.  It comes with the doorway unit, swing, ladder, and rings.  Don't even try to pretend you won't be swinging on it too!

If you're looking for an add on gift, you can also score a FREE month of Amazon FreeTime unlimited or a yearly subscription for 30% off.

Go check them out and see what you can score this Black Friday.  You Amazon Mom's are my people! 😉

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