4 Week Kickstart Program $59

I built this workout for my 2020 Commit to Fit Challenge group, but now I'm making it available to everyone!  I developed this as a 4 week plan so there are no complicated progressions.  If you like what you see at the end of 4 weeks, you can always keep it going.  I give you the 4 workouts, and you decide how you want to program them based on the number of days you have available.  I have provided some example splits to give you some guidance.

To start, I will walk you through how to calculate you daily calorie intake based on your fitness goals.  From there, you can adjust the 2 week meal plan I include to fit your needs.  Each meal plan includes a grocery list, nutrition info, and prep notes to make getting started that much easier.

There are 3 lifting days (Push, Pull, Legs) and 1 HIIT workout included. All workouts can be done at home or in the gym and completed between 20-40 minutes.  The equipment you need is a bench/step, dumbbells, and a set of bands.  There is a workout glossary included with each workout to explain all the moves.

This plan is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, change body composition, or jump start your fitness journey.

Custom Workout Plans

Want the benefits of hiring a personal trainer but short on time and budget?  Let me customize a plan to meet your specific needs and goals. This allows you the flexibility to work fitness into your schedule without sacrificing results.

All custom plans include my Basics to Meal Prep Guide.


Let's Get Started $79

Custom 4 week workout plan. You tell me your goals, experience, equipment, schedule, and I'll create a plan that will work for you.  We'll set nutrition goals to get you started.

Step it Up $109

Custom 8 week workout plan with full access via online app. Interactive workout calendar, sample videos,  progress tracking, reminders, and in app messaging included.  I'll give you nutrition goals that can sync to your own apps to help you meal plan and track your food.

Gloves off! $159

Custom 12 week workout plan with full access via online app. Inclusive of everything in my Step it Up plan with a 1 week custom meal plan.  Each workout will be introduced in 4 week progressions for optimal results.


Unsure where to start?  Contact me and I can guide you in the right direction.